Police beat 15-year old ‘lippy’ girl

May 15, 2009

The video speaks for itself. 


Seattle, WA USA:  16-year old girl Malika Calhoun was a suspect in ‘stealing’ her own mother’s car.  She was ‘lippy’ and ‘rudely removes her shoe’, so the cop Paul Schene

Kicks her
Slams her into the wall
Flings her onto the floor by her hair
Punches her twice

The cop says he was ‘assulted’ and that the shoe caused ‘blood pockets’.

It must make you feel like a real man to beat and punch a 15-year old girl, huh, Schene?


Detroit Area Police Taser a Stuffed Animal

May 15, 2009


Responding to a 911 call that a cougar was on a Detroit-area park, police shot a taser into a drain pipe.  But it turned out to be a stuffed animal.

Suspect surrenders, Police kick him in the head

May 14, 2009


El Monte California: Driver Richard Rodriguez refuses to pull over for a traffic violation. Car chase. Suspsect flees on foot. Realizing he’s cornered, he lays on the ground face down, arms and legs spread.

Police officer runs up and kicks the dude in the head, with a full leg swing, like it was Charlie Brown’s football.

After another officer lands on the guy with a knee, he lets go with a few blows of his own across the guy’s back or kidneys for no apparent reason.

And then of course, an obligitory cop high five.

Police admit, they don’t know why the driver fled.  The car was not stolen.  They are claiming the driver threw something out the window and flashed gang signs.


Why do police get a free pass to kick another human in the head?  If this SUSPECT kick a person’s head on video, people would cry for him to be hanged.

Detroit Police Claim Permit Needed For Pillows and Pillow Fight

April 6, 2009


Someone orgainized a world-wide pillow fighting event, to be held anywhere, most likely in major cities. 

Detroit’s ‘finest’ CRACKED DOWN on the event, and confiscated pillows.   One pillow fighter claims police told him he needed a permit.

Police spokesmen say cleanup was the issue.   Whatever.

Minneapolis Cops Plant Gun On Teen After They Gun Him Down

April 1, 2009



Fong Lee was 19, and riding his bicycle with some friends.  A cop says he saw a friend pass Lee a gun.   After colliding the patrol car with Lee’s bike, Lee fell off an ran. 

Police claim he turned to shoot at the officers.  So they plugged him four times.  After he fell, they shot him another 5 times.  Other officers found Lee dead on his back, spread eagle, with a .380 semi-automatic pistol about 3 feet from his hand.

No fingerprints or DNA was recovered from the weapon.  Eyewitness reports and video seem to support that Lee was not armed.

The gun owner reported it stolen in 2004.  It was found several days later, where it remained in police custody and never returned.  The gun was stored at the Fourth Precinct.  Jason Anderson, the cop who killed Lee, was assigned to the Fouth Precinct.

So, 10 days after Lee was killed, in typical CYA-mode, the police wrote a NEW report, and said that Lee’s gun was actually a different gun.

Oh, and by the way, Officer Anderson got a Medal of Valor for his connection with the case.

Cop Draws Gun, Detains Moats Family Rushing to Dying Mother

March 27, 2009

The family of NFL player Ryan Moats rushed to the hospital after a call that their relative, 45-year-old Jonetta Collinsworth, was quickly succumbing to breast cancer.

Dallas police officer Robert Powell

Dallas police officer Robert Powell

Dallas Police officer Robert Powell saw them roll thru a red light near the hospital, switched on the siren, and followed for 20 seconds as they pulled into the hospital’s emergency entrance.  Then he drew his gun, and chastised them for running a red light, threatened to take the driver to jail, make his life difficult, and told him to shut his mouth many times.

Ryan Moats: “My mother is dying!”
Powell: “That doesn’t constitute running a red light.”

Powell made Moats sit around for about 10 minutes.  Even when the hospital confirmed that the woman was dying, Powell still wrote him the ticket, and tacked on an attitude lecture.  “Attitude is everything,” he told Moats.  The woman died before two of the family members made it up to the room.

Police chief David Kunkle called a news conference Thursday to apologize for the behavior of Powell.  But Powell doens’t believe he acted inappropriately.

Powell is now on PAID leave while under investigation.


Oh, and here’s the same scenario that happened in Memphis.  Except this poor guy didn’t get national attention, because he’s not an NFL player.

1952 Washington DC UFO (Capitol Building) photo

March 27, 2009

There is evidence that there was some sort of UFO activity in/near Washington DC in 1952.  This post is not about the 1952 incident, but the photograph(s)  that are often associated with it.

The most common photo associated with this story is this one:


Wow!  It sure looks like a fleet of something-or-other near the capitol building!  But this photo is a little misleading.  The above photo is an enlargement of this NEXT photo:


Now, I don’t know where this picture comes from.  But you can find it all over on the web.  There’s no indication that it is from 1952, or was taken during the 1952 incident.  However, there are a bunch of objects in the sky that appear to be UFOs, so people may have made the assumption that this picture was taken in 1952 at that event.

My theory is that these are not UFOs, but a reflection.

The “1952” image appears to be a night shot, where the lens was held open for an extended length.  Parts of the image are overexposed.   The bright spots at the base of the capitol building are combinations of lanterns and lights within the windows.  Here’s another similar, but closer shot, for comparison. 



Let’s do a little detective work.  First, I’m going to highlight the ‘UFO area’ of the image.


I’m going to use this section as a template.  I’m going to cut a hole into all of the areas that appear to be UFOs or lighted objects.


I’m also going to remove the building, and paint the template black so it will be easier to distinguish, once we lay it back on our original image.



Now I’m going to use a bright green to  highlight the overexposed “hot spots” at the bottom.



OK!  Let’s see if the holes in our mask match the hot spots!


😦  No match.  Was the theory wrong?  What if the lenses on this camera were convex?  Would that make a difference?  Would the reflection be upside down, like a spoon?  So I flipped the mask vertically, and horizontally.


Now that’s a match!

What about underneath the mask?  Did I account for all of the lights?


There are three hot spots under the mask that are not reflected on the top area, for whatever reason.   The other two that fell within the ‘building’ area would not have been brighter than the building itself, and so those refelctions do not appear in the ‘UFO pattern.”

Overall, I think the position of the overexposed lights, when compared with the ‘UFO’ pattern above, is so similar, that it must be a refelction. 

Whether UFOs actually visited the capitol building is still up for discussion.  But my conclusion is that this particular image is a camera refelction, and was not taken at the 1952 incident.

NYPD Accused of Sodomizing Man with Walkie-Talkie

October 24, 2008

As the story goes, five NY police see a 24-year old Michael Mineo smoking marijuana.  They chase him down, hold a foot to his neck and beat him, then yank his pants down and sodomize him with a walkie-talkie.  Then they wrote him a ticket for disorderly conduct (apparently he wasn’t smoking marijuana after all) and left him bleeding at the subway station.

Mineo’s coworker took him to the hospital, where he remained for four days for internal injuries.  His attorney says the hospital administrator contacted the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office because it appeared Mineo was the victim of a sexual assault.

The police department disputes the allegations.

Another source says the accuser claimed he was shocked by a stun-gun — something none of the officers involved apparently carried.  So perhaps Mineo is lying and caused enough damage to his own anus to spend four days in the hospital.  Let’s see those medical records.

Michigan Police Shoot and Kill Mother Moose

October 7, 2008

Ishpeming, MI:  When a moose cow and her two calves wadered into Ishpeming, population appx. 6,500, police deemed they were endangering the public and ‘euthanized’ the mother.  DNR supported the decision.

“The curiosity of the public to see a live moose up close and personal was the main problem in controlling this situation,”  said Ishpeming Police Chief Jim Bjorne.  “Throughout the entire afternoon, people would show up, oblivious to the barriers we had put up, would not listen to commands to stay away, so they could take pictures of the moose with their cameras and cell phones. The reality of the situation was we had a 1,000-plus pound cow moose trying to protect its young while there were entire families with little kids who treated the situation like it was a day at the zoo.”

Assignment editor Richard Hill of WLUC-TV6 said there has been a huge outpouring of anger from residents.

Cop Who Ordered Naked Man Tasered Commits Suicide

October 2, 2008
Lt. Michael Pigott
Lt. Michael Pigott

UPDATE: Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly confirms suicide was Pigott.

He said that Lieutenant Pigott went to Floyd Bennett Field alone, early in the morning, and entered a locker room, where he gained access to a weapon that was not his: a 9-millimeter Glock. Then, he shot himself in the head, spokesman Paul J. Browne said. His body was discovered in the locker room by a service member who was coming on duty at about 6 a.m.


Lt. Michael Pigott, the NYC police lieutenant who gave the order to fire a Taser stun gun at a man who then fell to his death in Brooklyn, committed suicide at Floyd Bennett Field early on Thursday.  Pigott, a 21-year veteran of the force, had been placed on modified assignment without his gun and badge after he gave the order to a sergeant to fire the Taser at a Bedford-Stuyvesant man, Iman (Inman?) Morales.

Police will only officially confirm that “a” lieutenant took his own life. But he’s been identified by other police sources as Lieutenant Michael Pigott.