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Michigan Police Shoot and Kill Mother Moose

October 7, 2008

Ishpeming, MI:  When a moose cow and her two calves wadered into Ishpeming, population appx. 6,500, police deemed they were endangering the public and ‘euthanized’ the mother.  DNR supported the decision.

“The curiosity of the public to see a live moose up close and personal was the main problem in controlling this situation,”  said Ishpeming Police Chief Jim Bjorne.  “Throughout the entire afternoon, people would show up, oblivious to the barriers we had put up, would not listen to commands to stay away, so they could take pictures of the moose with their cameras and cell phones. The reality of the situation was we had a 1,000-plus pound cow moose trying to protect its young while there were entire families with little kids who treated the situation like it was a day at the zoo.”

Assignment editor Richard Hill of WLUC-TV6 said there has been a huge outpouring of anger from residents.