High School Students in IN and NC Get Tasered

October 2, 2008

Fort Wayne, IN:  Sherriff Deputies tried to serve a warrant on a student for parole violation.  

We’re told the student cooperated at first, but became combative with police officers outside the building.  He eventually was able to escape their custody.  As the student ran from police, an officer used a taser gun to try and subdue the student. 

This in an interesting tidbit.  When an officer is serving a warrant, are you in fact, ‘in custody?’

Meanwhile, in Cary, NC:  Sean Elrod, 16, is charged with assaulting a government official.  No definition of what the assault entailed.  The officer then stunned the student, and both went to the hospital for minor injuries.


McCain, Like Bush, Aspires To Be A Dictator

October 1, 2008

In an interview with the Des Moines Register editorial board on Sep 30, straight-faced John McCain said that he aspired to be a dictator, while decrying the Congressional rejection of the bailout bill.  It’s within the first minute of the featured video.

“I just want to make a comment about the obvious issue and that is the failure of Congress to act yesterday. Its just not acceptable,” said McCain. “This is just a not acceptable situation. I’m not saying this is the perfect answer. If I were dictator, which I always aspire to be, I would write it a little bit differently.”

An attempt at humor?  Possibly. 

But let’s not forget the times George Bush wished out loud about his dictator aspirations:

Bush infamously said, “If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I’m the dictator,” during a December 2000 speech.

He also remarked, “A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there’s no question about it,” in a July 2001 Business Week interview.

When Bush was Governor of Texas in 1998 he stated, “You don’t get everything you want. A dictatorship would be a lot easier.”

Squeegee Wielding Orlando Man Dies After Tasing

October 1, 2008

When Orange County deputies received a report of a man ‘charging cars with a hammer’, it turned out to be some dude with a squeegee.

Cmdr. Spike Hopkins said deputies found a wrench in the man’s vehicle and determined the suspect could cause someone harm.  “The bizarre behavior was indicative of someone who was overdosing,” Hopkins said.

Reports show the deputies tried to calm the man, but it didn’t work. He was Tasered twice and then arrested.

Commander “Spike?” 

When you only have the police report, you never have the entire story.  Let’s wait and see if the man was really overdosing.  Hide your wrenches.


Kissimmee resident Jose Anibal Amaro, the suspect in the story, died at Florida Hospital this morning.  Further reports claim he was ‘foaming at the mouth’ had ‘ingested cocaine,’ and took three taser shots, some of which did not affect him.

“Is this a troubling thing to have happen in the middle of the ongoing investigation?” WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked Jim Solomons, Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“I think troubling is inappropriate. You don’t go out at night intending to take a life. It’s unfortunate when it happens,” he said.

Bailout Bill Fails!

September 30, 2008

Want to learn a little bit about how the government works?  Take a look at the ‘question’ and title of the $700B Bailout Bill:  (You can also see the vote breakdown, and how your representative voted!)

H R 3997 RECORDED VOTE 29-Sep-2008 2:07 PM
QUESTION: On Concurring in Senate Amendment With An Amendment
BILL TITLE: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide earnings assistance and tax relief to members of the uniformed services, volunteer firefighters, and Peace Corps volunteers, and for other purposes.

The Peace Corps volunteers?  Gee, now I feel guilty.  If it wasn’t for those darn ‘other purposes’…

It’s interesting to see the titles of some of these bills and acts, like The Patriot Act for example.  The title alone suggests that if you are against it, you must not be patriotic, which is of course the exact OPPOSITE.

Ron Paul has an interesting and funny article about Bill names.

If one only paid attention to bill titles, one could happily vote for almost any bill put to a vote on the floor. Titles do not tell the complete story of a bill’s provisions, and many titles are downright deceptive and come close to emotional blackmail of legislators. But we cannot afford to be fooled by fancy titles. The housing bill could perhaps be more aptly named The Big Banking Bailout at Taxpayer Expense Act

NY Cops Admit ‘Mistake’ In Taser Death

September 30, 2008

After Inman Morales, a disturbed nude man, was tasered and fell off a 10 foot ledge to his death, NY Police have admitted that mistakes were made.  Says Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly:

“But we are human beings. Sometimes we make mistakes. Reporters even make mistakes, people on Wall Street make mistakes. So sometimes mistakes are made,” Kelly said.

Kelly takes a swipe at Wall Street, but does that make it better?  NY will probably lose a lawsuit on this one, and the taxpayers get the bill, as usual. 

Surprisingly, the lieutenant who ordered the fatal zapping of Inman Morales was stripped of his gun, shield and placed on desk duty last Thursday.  The police officer who actually fired the Taser was also put on desk duty but kept his gun and badge.

It’s intersting to note that police don’t even use the word ‘taser’.  In typical faux-military fashion, they prefer the term Conducted Energy Device, or CED.  Well, we know  what you mean.

Thanks to YOU, all the amateur camera users.  I doubt that anyone would be admitting ‘mistakes’ had the event not been clearly captured on camera.  It would have been another death swept under the rug or blamed on the victim himself.  Only the citizens can keep the cops clean.

Missile Defense Program Failure Rate More Than Doubles

September 29, 2008

The Pentagon’s “Star Wars” missile-defense program has cost the taxpayers more than $100 BILLION dollars.  What is it supposed to do?  Shoot a missile at the enemies moving missile.  But testing against practice targets hasn’t been going so well.

The military has relied on old targets, like 40-year old rockets, to test the system.  (Is that accurate?  Aren’t there any new missiles aimed at us?)  A report released by the Government Accountability Office  says that the failure rate rose from 7% in 2002-2005 to 16% in 2006-2007.

There was another $1 BILLION  alloted to testing ‘new’ test targets, instead of 40-year-old missles.  In 2002-2006, those new targets cost $6.5 Million each.  But once Lockheed Martin took control of the program, costs went up.  New targets are now going to cost us $48.5 Million.  Only 8x higher costs.

“Isn’t That Cute…” Black Uniformed Officers Halloween Costumes

September 29, 2008

Ready to ‘take on crime’ single-handedly, your kid can dress as the Special Forces Officer, SWAT team member, or generic Police Officer for Halloween this year.  Scarier than any ghost, that’s for sure.

The Police Officer Kids Accessory Belt includes baton, gun, cuffs and more.  Or, you can buy the club alone for $1.99.  No tasers included.

Look, kids have always enjoyed being a police man for dress-up or Halloween.  But remember when police wore blue? 

Photograph Orlando Police? Get Baton And Taser

September 29, 2008
Orlando cops beat Mattiuzzo
Orlando cops beat Mattiuzzo

The scene: Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, FL

When police asked Juan Cartegena‘s out-of-town friend if he was stupid for parking in the wrong zone, Cartegena begain to dispute the treatment.   Police pepper spray and mace Cartegena while on the ground.

Filmmakers began to photograph the happenings, which, of course, police can’t allow.  Police told them to leave the public sidewalk or be arrested.  New York filmmaker John Mattiuzzo refused.  One police officer flexes his arm, and tells Mattiuzzo to ‘put THAT on YouTube.’  Mattiuzzo restorts something like, “My mom will like that.”  Cartegena overheard police say, “We’ve got a live one, time to have some fun.”  Mattiuzzo was chased by police, beaten with a baton, and tasered.  For photographing. 

Cartegena was not charged and released.  Mattiuzzo was charged with resisting arrest or some other bogus charge.

See amateur video of Mattiuzzo’s beating here.  See an interview with Cartegena here.  Read another account, with links to more photos.

Bailout Will Pay Top Dollar For Banker’s Garbage

September 29, 2008

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Tuesday the government should pay more than “fire-sale” prices for the toxic assets it would acquire under a proposed $700 billion bailout plan. That could mean both higher initial costs for taxpayers and reduced returns when the assets are later resold.

So, in other words, the banks get paid as if their corrupt system worked flawlessly.   And the American people, who don’t seem to want the bailout, get billed for the retail price, not the marked-to-move price.

Police Sergeant Has Wife Murdered, Hangs Himself

September 27, 2008

Detroit police sergeant David Cobb hired hitman Vincent Smothers, and accomplice Marzell Black, to kill Rose Cobb, his wife.  Smothers shot Rose Cobb as she waited in her car on the day after Christmas, while Sgt. Cobb shopped in a CVS drug store.  Smothers was caught and confessed that Cobb had hired him to kill his wife.  The cost?  $1,500.00.  And the story goes that Cobb was banging Marzell Black’s mother, Sheila Black.

Cobb was arrested, too, but released due to lack of evidence.  Still, he was suspended during the investigation.  

As investogators made progress against Cobb, he decided to hang himself in a Sterling Heights, MI park.

Apparently, his hanging has nothing to to with being accused of soliciting sex and texting dirty messages to a 15-year old girl in 2006.  He was found not guilty.