Minneapolis Cops Plant Gun On Teen After They Gun Him Down



Fong Lee was 19, and riding his bicycle with some friends.  A cop says he saw a friend pass Lee a gun.   After colliding the patrol car with Lee’s bike, Lee fell off an ran. 

Police claim he turned to shoot at the officers.  So they plugged him four times.  After he fell, they shot him another 5 times.  Other officers found Lee dead on his back, spread eagle, with a .380 semi-automatic pistol about 3 feet from his hand.

No fingerprints or DNA was recovered from the weapon.  Eyewitness reports and video seem to support that Lee was not armed.

The gun owner reported it stolen in 2004.  It was found several days later, where it remained in police custody and never returned.  The gun was stored at the Fourth Precinct.  Jason Anderson, the cop who killed Lee, was assigned to the Fouth Precinct.

So, 10 days after Lee was killed, in typical CYA-mode, the police wrote a NEW report, and said that Lee’s gun was actually a different gun.

Oh, and by the way, Officer Anderson got a Medal of Valor for his connection with the case.


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One Response to “Minneapolis Cops Plant Gun On Teen After They Gun Him Down”

  1. Staff Sgt Vang (USMC) Says:

    I think that these Police Officers should be fired and locked up for the rest of their lives for murder. Do these officers even know what the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT are? Did Fong Lee ever shot at them? In any way did the Police Officers ever felt that their lives was threatened? All I see in the video is a kid scared half to death and running for his life. Being in the military for 8 years I know that I can’t engage at the enemies until they engaged at me. This is why tax dollars are so high these days to pay for stupid ignorant Police Officers like these guys. Plus they even got a medal for shooting a innocent kid. What a bunch pathetic people running our city these days. A while back Chief Dolan even gave medals to those police officers that raided the wrong Hmong house up in North Side Minneapolis. Wonder how much our tax dollars paid for the settlement in that law suit. These retards needs to get their acts right or we’ll be paying for their stupid actions for the rest of our lives. Open up your eyes people.

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