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Cop Draws Gun, Detains Moats Family Rushing to Dying Mother

March 27, 2009

The family of NFL player Ryan Moats rushed to the hospital after a call that their relative, 45-year-old Jonetta Collinsworth, was quickly succumbing to breast cancer.

Dallas police officer Robert Powell

Dallas police officer Robert Powell

Dallas Police officer Robert Powell saw them roll thru a red light near the hospital, switched on the siren, and followed for 20 seconds as they pulled into the hospital’s emergency entrance.  Then he drew his gun, and chastised them for running a red light, threatened to take the driver to jail, make his life difficult, and told him to shut his mouth many times.

Ryan Moats: “My mother is dying!”
Powell: “That doesn’t constitute running a red light.”

Powell made Moats sit around for about 10 minutes.  Even when the hospital confirmed that the woman was dying, Powell still wrote him the ticket, and tacked on an attitude lecture.  “Attitude is everything,” he told Moats.  The woman died before two of the family members made it up to the room.

Police chief David Kunkle called a news conference Thursday to apologize for the behavior of Powell.  But Powell doens’t believe he acted inappropriately.

Powell is now on PAID leave while under investigation.


Oh, and here’s the same scenario that happened in Memphis.  Except this poor guy didn’t get national attention, because he’s not an NFL player.