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Suspect surrenders, Police kick him in the head

May 14, 2009


El Monte California: Driver Richard Rodriguez refuses to pull over for a traffic violation. Car chase. Suspsect flees on foot. Realizing he’s cornered, he lays on the ground face down, arms and legs spread.

Police officer runs up and kicks the dude in the head, with a full leg swing, like it was Charlie Brown’s football.

After another officer lands on the guy with a knee, he lets go with a few blows of his own across the guy’s back or kidneys for no apparent reason.

And then of course, an obligitory cop high five.

Police admit, they don’t know why the driver fled.  The car was not stolen.  They are claiming the driver threw something out the window and flashed gang signs.


Why do police get a free pass to kick another human in the head?  If this SUSPECT kick a person’s head on video, people would cry for him to be hanged.