Photograph Orlando Police? Get Baton And Taser

Orlando cops beat Mattiuzzo
Orlando cops beat Mattiuzzo

The scene: Global Peace Film Festival in Orlando, FL

When police asked Juan Cartegena‘s out-of-town friend if he was stupid for parking in the wrong zone, Cartegena begain to dispute the treatment.   Police pepper spray and mace Cartegena while on the ground.

Filmmakers began to photograph the happenings, which, of course, police can’t allow.  Police told them to leave the public sidewalk or be arrested.  New York filmmaker John Mattiuzzo refused.  One police officer flexes his arm, and tells Mattiuzzo to ‘put THAT on YouTube.’  Mattiuzzo restorts something like, “My mom will like that.”  Cartegena overheard police say, “We’ve got a live one, time to have some fun.”  Mattiuzzo was chased by police, beaten with a baton, and tasered.  For photographing. 

Cartegena was not charged and released.  Mattiuzzo was charged with resisting arrest or some other bogus charge.

See amateur video of Mattiuzzo’s beating here.  See an interview with Cartegena here.  Read another account, with links to more photos.


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