Police Sergeant Has Wife Murdered, Hangs Himself

Detroit police sergeant David Cobb hired hitman Vincent Smothers, and accomplice Marzell Black, to kill Rose Cobb, his wife.  Smothers shot Rose Cobb as she waited in her car on the day after Christmas, while Sgt. Cobb shopped in a CVS drug store.  Smothers was caught and confessed that Cobb had hired him to kill his wife.  The cost?  $1,500.00.  And the story goes that Cobb was banging Marzell Black’s mother, Sheila Black.

Cobb was arrested, too, but released due to lack of evidence.  Still, he was suspended during the investigation.  

As investogators made progress against Cobb, he decided to hang himself in a Sterling Heights, MI park.

Apparently, his hanging has nothing to to with being accused of soliciting sex and texting dirty messages to a 15-year old girl in 2006.  He was found not guilty.


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One Response to “Police Sergeant Has Wife Murdered, Hangs Himself”

  1. jill scott Says:

    I was reading the headline here about mom and baby getting tazered by the police. I need read nothing else. From what I can see, there aren’t many statistics on police corruption. If one has a complaint, it is sent to “internal affairs” to which you are basically just dismissed. What is the recourse for a citizen here? One follows the chain of command and gets no where, pretty fast. Average citizens just don’t know or simply not aware of the outragous violations that the police commit. Thank you!

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